Review: In his excellent book Islands Of Profit In a Sea Of Red Ink, Why 40 Percent of Your Business Is Unprofitable and How to Fix (Click Here) it. Jonathan Byrnes from MIT,

RapidProtoTyping a Business-Model of an Enterprise

makes the bold statement that 40 percent of every company is unprofitable by any measure and 20 to 30 percent is so profitable that it is providing all the reported earnings and cross subsidizing the losses so the rest of the companies is only marginal!

And you know what the picture of this description is?

It’s called a Whale-Curve.

RapidProtoTyping a Business-Model of an Enterprise

A Whale-Curve made by RapidBusinessModeling shows you the customer profitability  and in many cases, 40 percent of customers in any companies we have seen, are that unprofitable and you can view and picture it best in a Whale-Curve , a wonderful visual!

At RBM we use two y axes: on the left side, the sales and on the right side, the cumulated profitability versus the green, blue and red line- for the customers or for the orders or for the products- on the x-axe.

Will show you the Whale-Curve of your company-at least close to the parameters you have delivered and on the other icon you can have a look how your customer profitability potential could look like. When going through our Potentializer approach, showing what kind of potential you can expect.

Typically and conservatively one can expect a company’s profit increase of 30% or better. We would like to invite you to go to walk you through our Performance Management Suite and have a look for yourself! Easy to do nothing special besides pressing a few buttons Like on here:

RapidProtoTyping a Business-Model of an Enterprise

RapidProtoTyping a Business-Model of an Enterprise

At our online meeting the demo of your company might trigger the question: why is nobody working on profitability in my company.

When are the accountant’s telling me what is all wrong! But they don’t and nobody else’ is. So make sure you have a team round you, which is eager to help you to change the status quo. You know,

“Good Decisions Require Good Models”.

And RapidBusinessModeling’s  core competence lies exactly here. Those detailed business models are made out of a few data like: Occupations, transactional data, revenues, total Cost, i.e. income statement we build you a detailed business model of your company.  And we would like to invite you to leave your name and email and we could arrange an online meeting showing you the business model coming close to your company.