About Hans

RapidBusinessModeling Is a Management Consultancy Firm to Increase Profitability, Conservatively by 5% of Revenues. RapidBusinessModeling's Unique State of the Art. Multidimensional Enterprise Modeling Is Based on True Costs-Using the Causality Principles-and Revenues, Reflecting Your Company and All of Its Important Dimensions and Details. Proprietary Improvement Technology Shows Best Pareto Path Following Principles of Operational Excellence Those Models Can Simulate Your Business Allowing You to Make Your Decisions Based on Facts and Not Guesses. "Good decisions require good models" Specialties: Enterprise Modeling for Manufacturing Companies, of Any Size and Other Service Oriented Firms to Build a Customer Profitability Improvement and Management System. Following Principles of Operational Excellence, Lean and Six Sigma, Activity Based Costing, TDABC. Provide 1 to 3 Days Workshops for Companies to Produce a RapidPrototyping Models, a Jumpstart to Your Enterprise Profitability Improvement-Just Talk to Us.